Development trends of foreign fitness equipment

At present, fitness equipment is expected to have the following development trends abroad: (1) Exercise bikes are still the leading products of home fitness equipment, and there has been a situation of supply and demand in early years.

It is expected that exercise bikes will remain popular fitness equipment in the next few years.

Among them, folding exercise bikes with smaller space occupation are more popular, and an existing company has designed two-person exercise bikes.

  (2) Treadmills are the simplest of today’s home fitness equipment and are the best choice for families.

There is evidence that treadmills will continue to grow in the coming years.

  (3) After becoming an indispensable fitness equipment in a fitness club, the ladder climber will soon enter the family.

The use of ladders is as easy to learn as aerobics, and is very suitable for the needs of mass fitness, which will make some analysts think that this equipment is gradually generating potential development potential.

  (4) Ski equipment will continue to be supplied.

In the United States, ski equipment reached $ 350 million per year between 1992 and 1993.

After that the ski boom was over.

However, some analysts point out that there are about 8 million people involved in skiing, so such equipment will continue to be available for some time.

  (5) The “all-around physical training device” that integrates exercise bikes, step-ups and skis may become a popular product within 5 years. This type of product can adjust the leg movements when walking, running, climbing and sliding, Has the characteristics of one machine with multiple functions.

At present, its target market is mainly gyms.

  (6) The fitness equipment will develop from the current heart rate monitor to the heart rate controller.

At present, there are exercise bikes, treadmills, skiers, and step-ups with built-in heart rate controllers on the market.

  (7) The reclining indeterminate exercise bike, which was popular in gyms, has developed low-cost locations that target families.

It is more comfortable than a traditional upright exercise bike when exercising, and the seat is replaced by a seat. The transmission time is longer and the exercise effect is more obvious.

  (8) The weightlifter has redesigned an example that can accommodate smaller practitioners.

In order to attract women and seniors to participate in exercise, some equipment manufacturers have developed a volume suitable for smaller people, and the weight of the reorganized label can be adjusted afterwards.

  (9) Some experts predict that in the next 3-5 years, there is a potential tendency for stair climbers, skid steers, and lower abdominal machines.

  (10) New types of lower abdomen machines that can support the legs and make abdominal movements more effective have appeared.

It is more comfortable and easier to operate than the traditional floor type.