Divorced, who is better than anyone?

Whether the new “Marriage Law” has greatly protected women’s part of the family is uncertain, but women’s place at the moment of divorce has indeed become a manifestation of the implementation of the new “Marriage Law”.

Women can finally ask men for money generously, especially women hurt by third parties.

In the four months after the new Marriage Law was formulated and implemented, there have been cases in which women have litigated against their husbands during divorce, and the highest amount of expenditure has risen to 200 million.

However, through the improvement of people’s legal awareness, more women choose to prevent beforehand and protect their interests through marriage contracts.

  ■ In the marriage contract, the house and the car are in my name. In addition, if he proposes a divorce, he will pay me 1 million youth compensation fees to the 19th century Westerner, who regards women as hearts and men as brains.
Women act reasonably, men act reasonably.

However, humans in the 21st century have deviated from this rule in marriage, and women have become pragmatic and rational.

More and more women have begun to “calculate” marriages, and began to count the vested benefits that marriage brings to them.

  In an interview, Wang Jie (pseudonym) just broke up with her ex-husband peacefully and lived in the house left by her ex-husband. Wang Jie did not agree with my statement, “The house was originally bought in my name, and it cannot be said that he left itmine.

“In addition to a house of more than 100 square meters, Wang Jie also owns a” compensation “of 1 million yuan paid by Jetta and her ex-husband in accordance with the contract.

In terms of material security, life before and after divorce was no different to Wang Jie, except that she resumed her work as an independent writer. “Easy, comfortable, fulfilling, and wealthy.

“Wang Jie commented on his life.

  Speaking of his happy life, Wang Jie couldn’t help but be proud, “My happiness was won by myself.

I have a hunch and he will have this day, so I prepared ahead of time.

“Wang Jie’s so-called preparation refers to a marriage contract between her and her ex-husband for many years.

According to the contract, the house, car, and vehicle were all transferred to Wang Jie’s name. In addition, Wang Jie asked his ex-husband to sign such an agreement: If the man proposes a divorce, in addition to the equal distribution of the common property of the two parties, the man must ask the womanOne million yuan was paid as compensation.

  ■ Pre-marital property notarization favors rich people. In my understanding, the marriage contract mentioned by Wang Jie is similar to the popular pre-marital property notarization, so Wang Jie does not agree. “The pre-marital property notarization is more beneficial to the richIn the current social context, it is more beneficial to men.

But even so, Chinese men rarely accept this approach. In fact, this notary is easy to lose appetite. When a child is born, you are busy preparing a shroud for him. What does it mean?National conditions.

“” The agreement I signed is for my benefit-not only do I get the benefits I deserve, but I also have to be compensated in excess.

“So how did Wang Jie get her ex-husband to sign this agreement without showing favoritism to himself?”

Wang Jie summed up her successful experience as follows: step by step, step by step.

  ■ Proper timing, thorough preparation, and unremitting bargaining are the three major steps in creating a marriage contract. First, you must choose the right time to sign the contract.

It is difficult for men and women in love to fall into an emotional crisis, so it is necessary to choose when the two sides have gradually calmed down from the high fever, but the relationship can still maintain an appropriate temperature when the shelf life is still beginning.

Because the temperature has completely receded, it is difficult to reach an agreement when the two parties actually live together because of habit, and will not consider it for the other party anymore.

Wang Jie said, “In my experience, this time usually comes when the two sides have just started arguing about the oil and salt sauce, but they can still be ‘noisy at the bed, and at the end of the bed’.

Because at this time the two sides have begun to hurt each other, but when they are happy, they start to feel guilty, so they start to replace them, which creates a good psychological environment for signing the contract.

“Secondly, you have to pave the way beforehand. No man will go the way you choose at first, unless you are drunk or stunned, so you have to follow the temptation and let him gradually enter your logic of thinking.

In the days before my signing of the contract, I kept telling him about the betrayal of wives and children in society, including the tragic story of a friend whom he and I had met abandoned by my husband.

In the face of well-founded public opinion offensives, my ex-husband finally acknowledged the nature of protecting my rights and agreed to sign a contract with me.

“Of course, if you want to create a marriage contract that is entirely in your favor, you must have enough conditions to bargain with him.

Only then will he make concessions on key issues.

At that time, my husband wanted the child very much, but I didn’t want it. I used this to “reason with him”, because once the divorce, the child must be brought up by me. Signing the contract can at least guarantee my future life.

As a result, our relationship broke down before we had children, but fortunately I already had the contract.

At that moment, I was transformed from a good family woman into a “bad woman”. Wang Jie’s intellect was not acceptable to everyone. In fact, her behavior has attracted criticism from many people, including her friends.And her family, Wang Jie caused quite helplessness. “In the eyes of people who do n’t know me, I am definitely a slut and a hard woman who earns her money by marriage, but in fact I was forced to this point.of.

Although ‘one couple and one hundred days’, it ‘s true that when Lao Yan splits, what mountain alliance and oath no longer exist. At that time, all that was left was money.

Just to say that the friend I mentioned earlier was also a fearless person before marriage. In order to accomplish the husband’s career, he took the initiative to retreat to the second line and became a helper.

As a result, the child was old, but her husband proposed to divorce her.

When the property was divided, it was found that the house and the car were in the name of someone else, and they did not belong to the common property. As a result, they had to lead the child to rent a house and collapse from the full-time wife to the proletariat.With this lesson learned, who is not in the minds of marriage.

It’s hard for a newly-married couple to realize this. In fact, I also realized it slowly after having personal experience.

We had emotional crises before divorce.

“” I was sick at the time, but as a husband, let alone take the initiative to cook for me, and he would not even buy food.

And it was at this most difficult time for me that he offered me a divorce.

I couldn’t imagine how a man who had slammed his face and chased you with nowhere to hide would turn his face so ruthlessly, and I was about to collapse.

Because I had a job at that time, and I would never pay for him. Most of my living expenses were borne by me. If I divorced at that time, I might have nothing.

Later, his conscience found that he took the initiative to reconcile with me.

But why do you say good, leave as you say, and from then on, I began to think of ways to restrain him.

At that moment, Wang Jie said, she experienced the transformation from a good family woman to a “bad woman”.

  ■ Chen Shimei, Pan Jinlian’s collusion and Xiang Linyi’s uprising Speaking of divorce from her ex-husband, Wang Jie is quite calm. The image of her ex-husband was not discounted in Wang Jie’s heart because of the divorce. On the contrary, Wang Jie gave her ex-husband a high evaluation.

Wang Jie said, “I can understand his behavior. There are too many temptations in this world, especially for men.

他是京城知名的房地产商,长得风流倜傥,穿衣服很有品位,也很有绅士风度,我知道这种男人身边一向是‘野花围绕’,想让他拒腐蚀永不沾很难,有When men are trying to prove their charm on other women, this is especially true for older men.

“” So I can only make him hesitant by means of extreme contracts.

In fact, no one in the marriage wants this marriage to be fulfilled, because for the beneficiary of the contract, there is also a kind of spiritual compensation for compensation. Think about it, if he gets a new love and you get a divorce?

What you lose is your lover and your youth, but he should make up for the unilateral breach of contract, at least it can reduce your loss, so as not to make you lose money and gain nothing.

I despise people who make money from marriage.

In the interview, Wang Jie repeatedly asked me to explain in the article that this was written for women of good families and should not be used for women who just want to make money from marriage.

  “就是这些坏女人让世界乱起来的,在贵州曾发生过一件事,上百名妇女走上街头,打着标语‘赶走四川妹,要回我丈夫’,男人永远不会在好女人身上Injury, only the bad woman caused the man to be injured, but the good woman is subject to the double oppression of the man and the bad woman, and no more consciousness, the women of the good family will become a forest.

Where there is oppression, there is resistance. Xiang Linjun’s resistance is from Chen Shimei and Pan Jinlian.

”   ■涩女人的酸言涩语  王洁说,“女人是这样一个群体,在她们谈恋爱时,对男人挑剔得简直是‘鸡蛋里挑骨头’,衬衫脏了一点,裤子短了一寸,吃饭It was a little loud, not very romantic . all made us angry and unacceptable.

And once they return to their hearts, have their affections, and have some body, they immediately become hens who protect their children, and care for their sweethearts from time to time.

The shirt was dirty and she washed it. The pants were short. She bought it. There was a noise when eating?

Why didn’t I notice.

Not too romantic?

Train him.

As a result, the men were all bright red, their clothes were neat, and they were romantic.

As a result, women have backaches and backaches.

Therefore, the man sought flowers and asked Liu, and the third person drove straight in, and her husband went away.

This is a general sorrow for unconscious women.

  ”What’s more bitter is that few women who are divorced with children seem to be picky, while women who are divorced with children are more ‘stinky’ than younger women. Age and children are enough to kill a divorced woman’s life.

And men?

You can lie to the 18-year-old girl, and then dig a so-called maintenance fee for melon and jujube, waiting for the woman to raise his child.

Because they know best, unless the time comes, the child must call him father.

“■ Men are also sad. Wang Jie’s sour words naturally aroused the indignation of men. In the interview, a man named Kong was a little bit indignant.” Do n’t divorce other than a man, it ‘s the fault of some men.Ruthless!

Staring, questioning, searching for pockets, verbal knocks, and even deceit, are better than dealing with class enemies.

Do you think that all women are Lin Daiyu and Sun Erniang, and when they start, they are definitely not embroidered with fists and smashing you like a hoe.

“Mr. Kong said he escaped from the prison two years ago.” Don’t say it was a marriage contract at that time. As long as she divorced me, I promised her everything. Because there was no house, everything in the house was awarded to her.
do you know?

In the end, when she moved things, she removed the window frames, and the room was full of words of scolding me. Can a man not divorce when he encounters such a woman!The right and wrong of marriage, it seems that only the law can give a fair conclusion, and “the official is difficult to break the housework”. At this point, the law also has its own unspeakable distress. In the interview, Wang Jie showed us that share.A marriage contract is generally in the same form as a contract and a commercial document. It has the signature of the husband and wife and is affixed with the large seal of the notary office. This is a document that fully complies with legal standards.Compensation was successfully obtained during the divorce.

Wang Jie said that this is a victory of law and a victory of social progress.

  However, there are always pros and cons. When we merge, we do see an increase in people ‘s awareness of law, but at the same time, we are also in line with the helplessness of the law that led to this marriage contract.

  王洁说,“如果没有这份和约,我不敢保证离婚时法律一定会给我一个‘公正’判决,按我女友前夫的实力,她离异后的生活只会比我现在更好,但她Why did it fall to this point?

Because when her ex-husband divorced, her property was ‘do it’, and the company ‘s book was in a deficit, with some evidence of debts to her friends.

According to the newly added Article 47 in the new “Marriage Law”: During divorce, one party hides, transfers, sells, damages the husband’s common property or forges debts in an attempt to invade the other party’s property.The party that sells or damages the couple’s common property or forges debts can be divided or not divided.

After the divorce, if the other party discovers the above-mentioned behavior, it may file a lawsuit in the people’s court and request that the common property of the husband and wife be split again.

  It is said that Chao Chao District Shuangqiao Court Judge Liu Chao introduced that in the definition of divorced property, the existing court adopted a system of “who owns and who obtains evidence”, that is, the supplementary of rights is required to provide necessary and valid evidence.

Law enforcement agencies do not intervene in evidence collection in principle.

In fact, even the intervention does not necessarily have a good effect.

The judicial system of separation of powers abroad has given judicial authorities the power to investigate the status of the banks involved in the case. However, only law enforcement agencies must also provide account numbers, names, and undergo strict approval procedures during the investigation, which can be described as difficult.

This is the case for law enforcement, let alone ordinary people.

In order to find evidence, the suspect must use various “very” methods, including asking friends to follow up and asking private detectives.

However, whether tracking and secretly taken photos and videos can be effective evidence is still a matter of legal controversy.

  ■ The helplessness of the law living in a marriage contract makes more and more people choose to take precautions, that is, a long-term marriage contract.

At present, some people in China have drafted various kinds of marriage contracts like prophecies of a “joint venture” agreement.

For example, the notarization of property before marriage, the requirements of relatives of the other party after marriage, the requirements for economic division, the requirements for childbearing and child rearing, the requirements for maintaining self-reliance and independence, and the numerous “follow-ups” after divorce, all fall clearly”Marriage Deed”.

  When we started accepting marriage as a “two-person business” and started exploring the economic benefits that occurred, we suddenly discovered that love was dim in our topic.

Some even say, “Love has become a spiritual luxury in real life.

In the struggle for survival, love is only an optional dessert after a meal.

“Is this too cold?

Those who are supreme in love will be saddened by the permanent duality of today or the day of marriage, but they should understand that the “marriage contract” is also an old way to keep the family happy.

When Lenin and Krupskaya formed a family, they once reached an agreement with each other, and then continued to supplement them in life, forming a “contract” that is commonly executed on a daily basis.

Today’s marriage is more open than traditional, and partner-type marriage is more likely to have a “contract” to maintain and continue.

  Is “contract” an advance in marriage?

It can only be said to be a countermeasure to marriage in modern society.

What will happen in the future?

Engels once said that the full freedom of marriage can only be fully realized after the elimination of property relations, or after the elimination of all economic considerations derived from the “capital economy”. “At that time, apart from admiration, there would be no moreThere will be other motives. ”

Sure, this is a distant and distant beauty.

  Marriage is not a one-time process, but an orderly system.

When we establish a “two-person enterprise”, when we run it, we must not forget that the nature of this “enterprise” is “joint venture”, the product is the “utility” of common ownership, the function is “happiness”, and the transition processIt’s “feelings.”

I believe that people who understand this principle and choose it are mature and successful.