Everyday maintenance of the spine will of course be healthy and longevity

In recent years, many free experience halls have appeared in major and medium cities in developing countries. Among them are warm treatment beds and high-potential therapeutic devices. The prices are very high, especially those coming in from abroad, which are often millions, butThere are also some experiencers who spend a lot of money because of its remarkable effect, and even some elderly people want to buy from borrowing money from their children and grandchildren.

For a time, a certain product was all the rage.

  First, why do people need spinal care? Modern research shows that the health problems caused by the spine far exceed the proportion of hypertension and cardiovascular.

According to statistics, 60%?
80% of neck, shoulder, waist, and leg pain diseases are related to the spine; at least 90 diseases of the brain, chest, abdomen, internal organs and their system are related to some metastases caused by stress imbalance of the spine and joints.

It can also be said that there are more or less problems with the fractured spine in modern people, but it is worth noting that due to the lack of spine maintenance knowledge, most people know nothing about their spine diseases, which has made many people deeplySurrounded by the suffering of the disease.

  Second, spine maintenance has achieved American chiropractic medicine. At this stage of “correcting the curvature changes and vertebral body displacements that have occurred in the spine”, Americans have conducted in-depth research and created American chiropractic medicine.

It is based on spine anatomy, biomechanics, and X-ray imaging. This meaningful standard and scientific correction of American chiropractic has formed an independent discipline.

There are currently more than 60,000 registered chiropractic experts in the United States, and spinal care is performed for millions of Americans each year, and the demand is increasing year by year.

  Three or six years of hard research and development have made the Chinese people dream Chinese medicine’s research on spine conservation has been widely used as early as the Ming Dynasty. The successful jade magnetic warm moxibustion developed exclusively by Tianjin Wufang Hongyun Technology Development Co., Ltd. has made the application of spine conservation even more popularTens of thousands of households have become possible. No matter in terms of function or price, Yuci warm moxibustion is at the leading level in the world. A family can only maintain the spine at home for around 1,000 yuan, and all kinds of symptoms caused by spinal problems will disappear.Yu Yu is invisible.

  Fourth, how does Yu magnetic warm moxibustion protect the spine?
After 5 minutes, the four jade balls can be heated to about 500C.

The person lies on the bed and presses the jade magnetic warm moxibustion on the back, and the four jade balls are inserted on both sides of the spine. Due to the height, heat, far infrared and magnetic treatment of the jade magnetic warm moxibustion, the effect of massaging and massaging during human traction,At the same time, due to the combined effect of far infrared and magnetism, the back blood and blood are transferred, the yin and yang are reconciled, the potential is stimulated, and the person quickly enters a healthy state.

  Fifth, the thermotherapy instrument lying on the spine for maintenance of spine is tens of thousands of yuan. Why do so many people analyze the reasons? There are three main reasons: 1.

Good use effect: Many elderly people have better relief of chronic diseases for many years, such as diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis, heart disease, insomnia, constipation, etc .; 2.

Intensive training guidance and higher promotion costs; 3.

Good thinking is not cheap.

  It should be said that it is precisely because of the above three items, and the operators of certain products have formulated a higher price system, and from the current market feedback, the effect is still very good.

  Six, good things may not be successful development of Guiyu magnetic warm moxibustion, breaking the price barriers of foreign warm therapeutic instruments.

Jade magnetic warm moxibustion fitness equipment is reaching millions of households.

Its selected Liaoning Xiuyan jade contains the essence of millions of years of heaven and earth (pure natural); the lower magnets form a composite energy field of jade + magnetic + far infrared + 500C, massage during traction, traction during massage, completely on its ownThe traction formed by weight and natural height, more complex compound energy can be fully exerted in a completely natural state. It is no wonder that many people who use Yu magnetic warm moxibustion say: “Active fitness and maintenance of the spine are both economical and practical-but also ChinaYu magnetic warm moxibustion fitness instrument is good!