How men prevent blackheads

The most common skin problems faced by men are enlarged pores and blackheads.

Due to the strong secretion of oil in the T-shaped part, blackheads usually appear in T-zones such as our forehead and nose.

The sweltering weather will cause the skin to produce more oil, open pores, and excess oil in the sebum tract will be more easily oxidized and hardened to form blackheads.

Appears fair skin, but there are black spots on the nose, which definitely affects the appearance and is unbearable. However, some male friends may mistakenly enter some skin care misunderstandings during the process of removing blackheads. As a result, the blackheads are not removed, but the skinSuffered further damage.

  Men go to blackheads and don’t rush into medical treatment, beware of misunderstanding.

  1. As long as the skin is thoroughly cleaned, blackheads can be removed. Many men’s friends believe that long blackheads are caused by the skin not being cleaned, which results in pores above the pores.

As long as the skin is thoroughly cleansed, blackheads will naturally disappear.

In fact, it is not entirely correct. Blackheads are residues of oil hardening. The reason for the occurrence of blackheads is that the oil in the skin has not been discharged in time. After a long time, the oily hardened tubular pores are formed.

  2. Blackheads are squeezed out to squeeze out blackheads.

But potential skin damage.

If you use too much force, it will stab the skin and cause skin inflammation, and excessive stimulation will cause the skin to secrete more oil.

In addition, scars will remain and pores will become enlarged.

  Daily care advice for preventing blackheads 1. If you have makeup, you must carefully remove your makeup during maintenance at night.

Because the fat-soluble ultramicromolecules in the cleansing oil can completely cover the sebum and grease, dissolving them, to a certain extent, can purify the skin, remove and prevent blackheads.

  2. After bathing, it is a good time to clean the blackheads. When the pores are open, use a cleaning product containing glycolic acid, which can effectively dissolve the blackheads, and then use auxiliary tools such as a face brush to slowly brush out the acne.

  3, blackheads go too far, it is easy to hurt the skin and make the pores larger.

It is enough to suggest going once or twice a month.

  4. Be patient with eradicating blackheads. After the aging blackheads are cleared for a few days, new blackheads are forming again. This metabolic cycle requires the daily care with special attention to be slowly cured.

  5. Those with oily skin must develop the habit of exfoliating regularly and carry out professional deep cleansing care every week, which can help remove the dirt and greasy skin inside the skin, and reduce the generation of acne and blackheads.

  6. Acne is actually caused by an acidic constitution. At the same time, more intake can inhibit oil production (vitamin B group). At the same time, change your eating habits, take more beans, mushrooms, or dark green vegetables to supplement vitamin B and alkaline foods.