Kitakami Capital continued to “recharge” A shares with a net inflow of more than 200 billion yuan during the year

Original title: Kitakami funds continued to have a “recharge” A-share net inflow of more than US $ 200 billion during the year Source: Securities Daily This year, Kitakami funds have continued to have a net inflow.

According to statistics, in October the net purchase of funds from Northbound 320.

US $ 4.9 billion, which has been a net inflow for 5 consecutive months; at the end of October, the total net inflow of funds to the north during the year was 2,183.

1.1 billion yuan.

  ”Since this year, the main factor for the inflow of capital to the north is that the current A-share is a predicted depression of the global stock market, and the growth space and future growth are more certain.

“Xu Yang, chairman of Shanghai Maikorong Information Consulting Co., Ltd., told a reporter from the Securities Daily that it is expected that capital going northward will continue to have a net inflow in the future.

  Since the beginning of October, the three quarterly reports of listed companies have been intensively disclosed, and the positions of Beijing Capital have been fine-tuned.

Zhang Hailiang, the managing director of Jinke Investment Group and a researcher who understands the research institute, told the reporter of Securities Daily that in the past month, funds from the north have flowed from the consumer sector to the banking, real estate and technology sectors.

Generally speaking, the positions of Beishang Fund will be fine-tuned monthly, quarterly, and quarterly, but in the first three quarters of this year, the higher positions of Beishang Fund are always in the consumer sector.

  ”Recently, the excessive inflow of funds to the north is obviously in the pharmaceutical and financial sectors, and the reduction in holdings is in the electronic sector.

Xu Chengsui, a partner of Chengye Capital, told a reporter of the Securities Daily that the leading stocks in the electronic sector performed better because of the prosperity of the consumer electronics and communications industries.

But after the previous wave of rise, these stocks are estimated to be basically reasonable, and the individual stocks in medicine and finance have now expected to grow.

  Specifically, the market value of the pharmaceutical industry held by Beijing Capital is 10.

15%, an increase of 1 earlier.

A total of 67, become the long-term capital to increase the number of positions in the north; holding cars, the market value of the transportation industry accounted for 2 respectively.

68%, 3.

92%, down 1 from the beginning of the year.

58 digits and 1.

36 averages.

  In addition, food and beverages are still the most funded sector in the north.

Since the beginning of this year, the share of the market capitalization of the food and beverage industry held by Beijing Capital has remained above 19%, which is the most favored by foreign capital; followed by household appliances, biomedicine and banks, which hold market capitalization above 10%.

  ”From the current situation, consumption and medicine are still the key sectors for capital inflows to the north, but from last month, the inflow of funds with low valuations such as finance and real estate has accelerated.

In the future, the flow of funds to the north may be mainly underestimated and highly profitable, which will be transformed into the continuous improvement of the science and technology board, and the subsequent injection into the technology stocks may be accelerated.

“Xu Yang said.

  What’s more worth mentioning is that since this year, MSCI and the FTSE Russell Index have successively increased the weight of factors. The S & P Dow Jones Indices have separated A shares and foreign exchange allocations to A shares have continued to increase.

In November, A shares will usher in the third step of Msci’s weight increase plan. Preliminary experts predict that it will bring about 220 billion incremental incremental funds; and FTSE Russell will also increase the replacement factor to 25% in March next year.

  ”Since this year, Kitakami’s funds have shown a continuous net inflow, and this state will continue.

According to Xu Yansui, from the historical process of the opening of the Japanese and South Korean capital markets, 上海夜网论坛 foreign inflows are a long-term process and will not change due to short-term changes.

At present, 20 sovereign debts around the world have entered a state of negative interest rates, and the global shortage of assets covers the opportunity for China’s capital market to open up. Therefore, China’s A-share market has great appeal to global capital.