10 lies you will lay for yourself

Those self-deceiving tricks will make you feel comfortable for a while, but if you want to live a happy life, you must understand the truth behind the lies.

  Myth 1: Everything will be fine, as long as I lose 10 pounds, quit my current job, or at least find a good man.

  Truth: In fact, it doesn’t matter at all!

After the situation changes, you will still be no different, except that there are fewer numbers on the scales, you are unemployed, or you have an extra person when you watch American TV at home.

After the freshness, you will definitely do something else.

Happiness comes from your heart. It is better to cherish what you have now. Everything is not as bad as you think.

  Myth 2: It is gold that always shines and does its job well, without the approval of others.

  Truth: You must have never left a bad impression of bragging in obscurity, but you have never been appreciated.

Most of your silence is just the silence of your boss.

  Lie 3: He loves me, but he is embarrassed to admit it.

  Truth: Is it so difficult to tell love out?

If he is afraid to confess to you, you can also be afraid of him.

  Lie 4: It’s okay to tell a little lie, others will never know.

  Truth: Whether your lie is revealed or not, life will continue. That’s right.

But the strange thing is, if you are dishonest, you will feel that everyone is lying to you. Is this not worth the money?

  Lie 5: Yes, I am willing to go to the appointment, and it is no big deal to go again.

  Truth: If you really want to make an appointment, it’s great, saying yes to life is a wonderful thing.

But if you just say yes to all invitations reflexively, it means: You gave up your own in order to improve the quality of life of others.

  Myth 6: Some people have good lives, but I am not one of them.

  Truth: Who stipulates that you are not one of them?

Inferiority reduces your ability to control your destiny.

When good things happen, you think they happen by accident.

The more you believe in luck, the less you trust in yourself.

Everyone has different advantages, others may be envious of you!

  Myth 7: Everything is in my hands, and I think I can quit anytime.

  The truth: snacks in the middle of the night, cola as water to drink, can’t afford bed in the morning?

Knowing that you have these bad habits, and still making excuses, you are really cunning.

If everything is really in your hands, change bad habits from now on and prove to yourself!

  Myth 8: The sunscreen is gone, I don’t bother buying it again, it doesn’t matter if I get tanned.

  Truth: Where do wrinkles and skin cancer come from, do you know?

  Myth 9: I am strong and do not need any help.

  Truth: Refusing to admit that you need emotional support will make others think you are independent.

But in fact that’s just a way for you to protect yourself and hide your vulnerability.

Stop talking hard, there’s nothing like bringing friends closer together by comforting each other.

  Myth 10: If I have time, I must exercise every day, travel abroad or continue my studies.

  Truth: Everyone is busy.

Time is not a good excuse for things you want to do but have never achieved.In fact, the deep fear of failure is the real obstacle.

If that’s your dream, do it!