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Either in the morning or at night, eating more vegetable salad will not gain weight, but also can lose weight and weight, and can also supplement the body with the proper vegetables.

Generally, the vegetable salad in the morning should be nutritious. You can’t just prepare some vegetables. It is best to match eggs with cucumber, canned tuna and canned corn. Lettuce and apple are essential. Use trace elements to supplement.

[Materials]80g canned tuna, 1 egg, 50g cucumber, 50g small tomato, 50g purple cabbage, 40g canned corn kernels, 2 slices of lettuce, 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar[Method]1.

Boil the eggs in a cold water pot and boil for another 5 minutes.

Wash cucumbers, small tomatoes and other vegetables.

Slice cucumber, cut two small tomatoes, shred purple cabbage, and tear small pieces of lettuce.

Remove the tuna and corn kernels from the can.


Boil the eggs and cut into small pieces. Place them in a bowl with other ingredients and pour 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.


Stir lightly with chopsticks, so that each ingredient is evenly dipped in apple cider vinegar, the sour taste is very appetizing.

For vegetable salad, the most important thing is salad dressing. The quality of salad dressing determines the quality of this dish.

The other steps are simple.

Like a fruit salad, you can adjust the imaginable ones such as apples, pears, watermelons, cantaloupe, cantaloupe, bananas, etc. into corners or diced; vegetable salad is even simpler, carrots, cabbage, purple cabbage, cucumbers, potatoes, Onions, etc. cut into shreds or small pieces.

The rest is to choose the sauce.

Although known as a “lazy man”, it is also important to pay attention to taste.

Salad dressing can be broadly divided into two types: sweet, suitable for fruit salad; salty, suitable for vegetable salad.

Generally, salad dressings bought in shopping malls are sweet, while salty salad dressings are hardly sold.

This requires self-modulation.

For salad dressing, use fine salad oil and fresh egg yolks.

The approximate ratio is about 11: 1, which means that one pound of salad oil can be added to one or less egg yolks. When the eggbeater becomes salad oil and slowly poured into the vessel, or it is continuously stirred clockwise or counterclockwise, it can beSmell the fragrance that floats.

The salty salad dressing for vegetable salad must be added with an appropriate amount of mustard oil, pepper, salt, monosodium glutamate, etc. during the preparation process, the sweet salad dressing for fruit salad must be added with condensed milk, paste, sugar during the preparation process., Fresh lemon juice and some salt.

The salad dressing is ready, sweet or salty, or fruit or vegetable, just mix it yourself.

Ingredients for making vegetable salad: 200 grams of cabbage, 80 grams of tomatoes, 60 grams of cucumbers. Ingredients: 30 grams of green peppers. Seasoning: 15 grams of salad oil, 2 grams of salt, 20 grams of lemon juice, 10 grams of honey. Production process 1. Prepare everythingThe ingredients (cabbage, tomato, gherkin, green pepper) are washed separately, cabbage, tomato slices, green pepper, and onion cut into slices.

2. Mix the cut materials and put them on a plate.

3. Finally, mix all the seasonings (salad oil, salt, lemon juice, honey), stir well and drizzle over the vegetables.