Baby’s 6 kinds of abdominal pain do not need to see a doctor

The baby has abdominal pain, and the parents often panic.

Let me tell you, there are 6 kinds of abdominal pain and weight, even without medicine.

See baby’s abdominal pain list-1.

Small cases of life with cold abdominal pain, such as two days in the summer, two head troubles, my mother took him to the hospital again and again, but the doctor always said there was nothing wrong after the examination.

Later, my mother talked to my father, so just hang an expert account.

The consultation expert asked Ruru’s diet in detail, and found that Ruru was naturally sensitive to the heat. She likes to be naked when she sleeps in the summer, and often exposes her belly to make her cool.

The conclusion is that such as abdominal pain, which is caused by the cold of the abdomen because the quilt was not covered during siesta.

  Doctors suspect that many parents know that cold can cause abdominal pain, but why cold can cause abdominal pain?

The baby’s abdomen, especially around the navel, has a thin abdominal wall and the rectus abdominis muscle is in a split state. When the smooth muscle of the insulin tract is stimulated by cold, strong contraction can occur, causing spastic abdominal pain.

In addition, cooling the abdomen will accelerate bowel movements and increase the frequency of stool, but there is no mucus and pus, and stool tests are normal.

  In order to prevent the abdomen from getting cold, the baby’s weight is reduced to a good level when the baby is sleeping, and sometimes a towel is used to cover the belly in summer. The folk “baby without June” does make sense.

When carrying a baby outdoors or in the sun, care should be taken to protect the casing so that the continuous track always functions normally.

The hot and irritating gastrointestinal tract can relieve the pain, so the abdominal pain caused by cold can be treated with hot compress and massage.


Chronic growth pain life case Yueyue’s abdominal pain is another situation, which often occurs before going to bed at night or after falling asleep, and the whole stomach has a slight pain.

The mother pressed her belly with her hand, and she could not find the specific pain site. The pain continued for a while and then slowly adjusted or disappeared.

After the test, the doctor said that the gastrointestinal pain was physiological pain.

  The doctor explained that the baby’s metabolism was relatively vigorous. Not only did bones grow thicker and thicker “day and night,” but also internal organs such as visceral transplants grew non-stop.

In addition, the gastrointestinal blood vessels are very abundant, and the smooth muscles that make up it require a lot of blood to supply, so as to ensure the nitrate demand for oxygen and nutrients during development.

For babies who grow faster, the gastrointestinal blood supply often provides alternatives. In addition, autonomic dysfunction causes irritability and inhibition of the intestinal wall nerves. Therefore, acute tendon contraction is prone to contraction, followed by paroxysmAbdominal pain.
  Loving support for high blood pressure growth pain is a temporary discomfort in the baby’s growth process, not a disease.

When abdominal pain, parents can gently massage the belly for the baby, or heat the abdomen with a hot water bottle, the abdominal pain generally disappears.

If abdominal pain persists or is accompanied by fever, vomiting, and other symptoms, consider that for growth pain, send the baby to the hospital for treatment in time.


Bingbing, a small case of sports abdominal pain, loves sports and is often praised by teachers in kindergartens.

But he also has an “unspeakable”-he often feels stomachache after running, playing ball, and jumping rubber bands.

Fortunately, Bingbing’s father is a doctor. After knowing the child’s illness, he immediately contacted the kindergarten teacher to adjust the sports activities and time of Bingbing.Children’s dance and other gentle movements, and each exercise time is 20?
Within 30 minutes.

According to this program, Bingbing’s stomach has never been troubled again.

  Doctors explained that Bingbing’s abdominal pain is related to excessive exercise concerns, called exercise abdominal pain.

There are three reasons: First, the resonance transformation caused by acute exercise, and the mesentery is stretched to cause pain; second, the abdominal organs and abdominal wall muscles are not adapted to the sudden changes caused by exercise, which causes cramps and abdominal pain; third, the limbs during exerciseSkeletal muscle blood vessels dilate, the blood supply increases, while the blood supply of the digestive organs decreases accordingly, and the insulin secretion disorders caused by slenderness.

This kind of pain is mostly in the lower abdomen, and the nature is mostly faint pain, which mostly occurs during exercise, and abdominal pain often disappears after stopping exercise.

  Caring for your baby should start with a small amount and gradually increase, so that the body can adapt to it, and keep it constant. Don’t do one intense exercise.

Do not exercise immediately after a meal. At this time, the stomach is full of food, exercise stomach is full of food, exercise stomach ulcer dysfunction, increased abdominal pressure, affecting digestion and absorption, causing indigestion, nausea, vomiting and other discomfort.


Functional abdominal pain life story is 2 years old. During this time, his belly is always out of condition. He often cries for stomach pain after getting up in the morning, while eating, or while playing.

The site of abdominal pain is sometimes in the umbilicus, sometimes around the umbilicus, sometimes in the heart fossa, and sometimes in the left lower abdomen.

During the onset of abdominal pain, the child is pale and nervous, sometimes unable to eat, and even nausea and vomiting.
Some pain will improve after a while, while others will be relieved after defecation, and it will happen again on the second day.
At the hospital, the doctor took X-rays of the abdomen for Ququ, performed pathological angiography and abdominal B-ultrasound examination. No abnormalities occurred, the development of the injection tract was normal, and functional abdominal pain was finally diagnosed.

  Doctors explain that functional abdominal pain is common in babies over 2 years of age and may be related to food allergies, orthostatic adjustment disorders, and psychological and emotional disorders.

  For the patients with functional abdominal pain, loving parents should not worry, they should carefully observe and find the cause of abdominal pain and deal with it accordingly.

There are three common situations: 1.

The child is usually weak, prone to fatigue, and prone to fainting for a long time. The abdominal pain that occurs in this kind of child is called orthostatic abdominal pain, and the duration is shortened.

As long as the nutrition is strengthened, more physical exercise will be carried out to enhance physical fitness, abdominal pain can be improved with it, generally no medication is needed, and severe patients can take sedatives under the guidance of a doctor.


The abdominal pain that occurs after eating foods such as milk, eggs, fish, and shrimp is mostly allergic abdominal pain. As long as you stop eating such foods, abdominal pain will improve.


Children are prone to nervousness or high blood pressure, which is medically called a neurotic personality, which can cause abdominal pain due to psychological tension or depression.

Parents usually enlighten more to relieve their nervousness, and their abdominal pain disappears.


A small case of life with calcium-deficient abdominal pain Xu Xu often suffers from abdominal pain, but neither fever nor diarrhea, no effect of taking insecticide, abdominal pain will heal or disappear after a few minutes.

A doctor’s examination revealed that Xu Xu had mild rickets, such as excessive sweating, irritability, and restless sleep. He was diagnosed with abdominal pain caused by calcium deficiency.

After adjusting the recipe and supplementing calcium-based foods, I lost sweat, improved my temper and sleep, and no longer complained of abdominal pain.

  Doctors suspect that calcium is a familiar mineral that exists mainly in skeletal tissue. Insufficient implantation in children can easily cause rickets.

But few people know that there is also a certain amount of calcium in the blood. In addition to helping blood coagulate, it also plays an important role in maintaining the normal excitability of neuromuscular muscles.

If there is a lack of calcium in the blood, the excitability of the neuromuscular will increase, and the smooth muscles of the intestinal wall will be strongly contracted by slight stimulation, causing intestinal obstruction and stomach pain.

This is how Xu Xu’s abdominal pain comes about.

  Love heart supplements calcium, eggs, beef, shrimp, beans, kelp, perilla, sesame, green vegetables and other foods are calcium “rich minerals”, you should eat more for your baby.

If necessary, you can take calcium tablets under the guidance of a doctor, and go to outdoor activities frequently, get more sun, get more vitamin D, promote calcium absorption and utilization, and abdominal pain can be cured without medicine.


Shortly after the birth of Xiaoxue’s smokey abdominal pain, Xiaoxue often burst into tears, clenched her fists, her legs flexed, her face flushed, and the doctor considered the bladder colic.

But what is the reason?

Later, after careful inquiry of the medical history, it was found that whenever Xiaoxue cried, his father was present and he was smoking, so he considered the abdominal pain caused by the smoke.

  Doctors suspect that there are several harmful substances in cigarette tar, which cause intestinal dysfunction after inhalation, which causes colic in the body.

Especially babies around 1 year old often have paroxysmal crying as a result.

The reason is that the blood-brain barrier of the baby and the detoxification function of the liver are not perfect, which causes the nicotine in the smoke to stay in the body for too long, and the baby’s sense of smell and taste is very sensitive, which causes the vagus nerve to excite and cause chronic obstructive contractionsCauses abdominal pain.

Data show that the relationship between infant abdominal pain and adult smoking is: 45% of adults smoke 10 cigarettes a day, smoking 10?
60% of 20 people, 91% of those smoking more than 20.

  Caring for parents or other people must keep away from the baby when smoking, and the room should be regularly ventilated to maintain air circulation and accelerate the diffusion of smoke.