Make skin gravitationally challenging

At the age of 30, the skin seemed to suddenly shrink into the gloom of the annual ring, forgetting that the brushing of the cheek ten years ago felt as soft and delicate as petals.

Stop at the traffic lights at the street, and raise your face secretly a little, with your eyes half closed so that no one can see the overlap on your chin.

The sun in June is so beautiful. Who wouldn’t want extra energy and youth?

  Who is seducing the skin like building a house. The quality of the house depends on the quality of all the building materials. So, what constitutes the elasticity of the skin?

Studies have shown that skin slackness and sagging are all related to gravity.

Overcoming gravity is the key to healthy, resilient, and vibrant skin.

  First test: Are you “lead” A.

Recently, the skin feels thick and inelastic; B.

Large pores and dry toes; C.

Damaged or tanned skin makes it difficult to recover; D.

As soon as thirty, the bags under the eyes “jumped out” to make trouble; E.

Not overweight, but with double chins; F.

Even if you do n’t laugh, there are small fine lines next to your eyes; G.

The skin is dull, and there are sagging lesions in the corners of the eyes and mouth.

  Test results: In the above 7 items, if your skin has more than the above serious conditions, then your “post-pubertal” skin is in severe “false myopia”, and there is no way back if you don’t act.

  Why the skin is “leaked” to entice experts to find that in addition to stress, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, pollution, climate change, smoking, drugs, alcohol, inappropriate skin care, menopause, etc., gravity attracts one’s aging20%.

And the total weight of human skin accounts for about 5% of human body weight?
15%, while smooth, firm and elastic skin requires skin cells and their dermis to maintain a high level of regeneration, and regeneration requires the body to provide sufficient biologically active ingredients

The more serious the air pollution, the larger the area of exposed skin, and the longer it is, the more likely it is to be damaged.

Human skin is the guardian of human health and beauty, with four major functions of barrier, regulation, self-stabilization and metabolism.

As the pollution across the earth worsens, the effect of gravity on the skin is fine.

  3 strokes, easy to challenge Gravity. The cheek is the whole body, exposed all year round, weathered and frosty, and it is extremely important to care for it.

In addition to using skin care products, you must master the correct scientific care methods.

  Declared the first move: high-efficiency firming program Daytime focus: thin face cleanser + firming water + firming serum + eye gel + firming lotion (cream) + sunscreen evening focus: skin toner + plant essence+ Whether you get up in the morning or go home from work, what you can’t ignore is washing your face.

Take 1.
Don’t think that washing your face is a very simple thing. The key to resisting gravity is to let your skin’s blood circulation change again. The specific procedure is as follows:

Put the soaked towel in the water (water temperature should be slightly hot), cover the uniform gently (of course, if you have makeup on your face, you must first use makeup remover to remove makeup), and gently press the towel down with your fingers to makeThe towel is pressed against the skin of the face and eyes, and the heat on the towel is kept for about 30 seconds to promote blood circulation on the face.


When cleaning with a facial cleanser, you need to use a circular motion (gentle massage upwards with your fingertips).

  Use a towel to absorb facial moisture, scoop a spoonful of table salt, pour it into the palm of your hand, add hot water to form a concentrated solution, and then apply the solution to the face (except for the eyes) like a cleansing milk. Gently massage in circular motions (handThe strength must be light, because some salt crystals may not be fully dissolved, and the skin will be scratched if you apply more force. After 30 seconds, wash with water.


After the cleansing procedure is completed, the skin is tightened with a pat, and the entire face is patted about 100 times, which not only promotes blood circulation, but also makes the skin smooth and elastic. You don’t have to worry about gravity to visit.


After applying firming lotion, you should also choose a firming or lifting essence to replenish your face with elastic nutrients.


Finally, apply eye firming gel or moisturizing cream.

You can also apply sunscreen.

  Declaring the second trick of the war: The massage promotion program takes 10 minutes a day to let the facial skin breathe deeply and make the skin full of vitality.

Before skin tightening massage, wipe the face-reducing product first, then block the points and massage.

  1. Apply a thin face cream and relax the facial muscles. Massage from the lower jaw to the ear, and then massage outward with the forehead as the center point.
The massage method around the eyes is to perform a rotary massage from the nose to the sides of the eyes.
  2. Press the depression of the lower jaw upward and follow the line of the face upwards, so that the lines of the face gradually become clear. The action must be strong but avoid puncturing the depression of the chin. Do the same 3 times, 3 seconds each time.

  3, massage the eyebrow bone eyelids with both forefingers gently press the upper eyebrows, massage to the end of the eye.

Do the same 3 times, each 3 seconds.

  4. Squeeze the meat on the chin and cheeks upwards with your thumbs and your forefinger assisting, pinch the excess meat with your two fingers in cooperation, and do it 3 times from bottom to top.

  5, soft face line thumb, index finger, middle finger, three fingers together pinch the chin meat, along the line of the face, from the jaw to move outwards, do 3 times in each place.

  6, the whole face rejuvenation exercise palm lifts the entire face skin upwards, you will feel the face suddenly becomes firm and elastic, you must remember that the action is to gently massage back and forth in an oblique direction, back and forth 10 times.
  7. Tighten the neck and slide your hands to the neck to the collarbone. Gently press the depression of the collarbone to relax all the muscles and end the massage. Do this 3 times each time.

  Declaring war # 3: In addition to the use of products and methods of firming nutrition plan, you do not prevent yourself from preparing some special firming foods. You can buy materials at Chinese medicine stores and non-staple food stores.

  Tight 1.
Firming Special Nutrition In a gravitational diet plan, you should not overlook the following:

Drink four glasses of water a day, including a glass of fresh fruit juice.


Eat one seafood every day.


Eat at least one of the following vegetables daily: bamboo shoots, white radishes, carrots, onions, and chives.


Eat beef once a week.


Eat animal livers once a week.


Eat soy, mung bean, broad bean, and lentil at least once or twice a week.


Drink soy milk or milk daily.