5 Yoga Slims To You Screaming

Many yogis now like to practice, because this can maintain a good figure without gaining weight, which is the principle of yoga.

  1. Stretch your legs together and put your hands on your body.

Straighten your left leg and nail it firmly to the ground.

Seems like the left hand, hug the right instep, put the right heel and the outside of the sole under the left condyle, and squeeze the left leg.

Straighten your left leg and tighten your lower abdomen.

  2. Place your right hand in front of your body and ensure that your right leg does not fall off. Keep your left hand away from your right foot and your hands folded in front of your body.

  3. Inhale, slowly stretch your hands straight up and stretch your body straight until your arms are raised behind your ears, and your chin is raised to look straight ahead.

Hold the posture for 6 seconds, release the palm, slowly restore, and do the same movement on the other side.

  4. Keep your upper body in a straight line, bend forward, and support your hands with the ground in front of you.

  5. Slowly bend your left leg, lift your toes, and let yourself sit on the heel of your left foot.