[How long does the iron stick yam cook]_ production method _ practice Daquan

The iron rod yam is the one with the best effect of nourishing kidney and nourishing qi on yam. It is rich in nutrition and can be steamed or cooked. Generally, it can be done after 15 to 20 minutes.


How long does the iron stick yam cook?

It’s almost ready in half an hour. When we add iron stick yam to the pot for cooking, we can wait for 20 minutes and then poke with chopsticks. If it can move, it means it is cooked.

If it is porridge, then the iron bars and yam will be cooked and replaced.

It should be noted that: when peeling, you need to dip some salt on your hands, which will reduce the viscosity of yam. After the yam’s skin is removed, put it in water to prevent air and avoid oxidation, thus avoiding yam discoloration.

Can iron stick yam skin eat it?

Because iron rod yam is a relatively well-known kind of yam, it has a long history and is now well-known in China.

The iron stick yam skin is rich in copper, which can oxidize enzymes and greatly help the body’s health.

When we eat iron bars and yam, we just need to wash the soil on the surface.


The correct method for peeling iron bars and yam 1. We need to prepare three things: lighter, dishwashing gloves and steel ball.

2. We turn on the lighter, and then bake the hair around the yam to remove as much as possible.

3. At this time, the gloves should be worn on the hands. Use the prepared steel ball to continuously rub the iron yam. Remember to be gentle.

So as not to hurt the yam meat.

If the iron rods are too small, don’t rub them.

4. After the iron bars and yam are rubbed, wash the iron bars and yams, put them in the cage clipboard for cooking, wait for 20 minutes, and then use a chopstick to poke.At that time, it means that it is cooked.
5. At this time, take the iron stick yam, and gently peel off the outer skin, and you can eat.