Instant sculpting with high strength and good effect

Fitness is a kind of sports, especially gymnastics that includes bare hands or using equipment. Gymnastics can increase strength, flexibility, increase endurance, improve coordination, and enhance the control of all parts of the body, so as to make the body strong and effective.Only through breakthrough exercises can we notice.

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  Exhausted on fitness equipment, do n’t need to dance to sweat with music, you just need to do a few simple strength training moves at a very slow speed according to the following training, and you will receive a clear body shapeeffect.

  ”how can that be possible?

“You may ask.

However, it has been proven that this new method of body shaping can completely fatigue your muscles by doing extremely slow controlled movements, thereby obtaining muscles that help you lose weight.

Doing this high-intensity exercise requires a muscle recovery period of contraction time. Generally 3?
7 days (1 day off for normal strength training).

  This time-saving exercise can be done at home.

Start doing it twice a week, and reduce it to once a week after 5 weeks.

Don’t say you don’t have time to exercise this time!


Kiss pillow knee push-up equipment: Pillow target efficacy area: triceps and pectoralis muscle A: Control the balance with both hands and knees, arms straight.

Your body should form a straight line from knee to shoulder.

Put the pillow on the floor in front of your head.

  B: Bend your elbows quickly and slowly, and lower your torso until your mouth kisses the pillow.

Over time, your prone speed should become slower and slower.


Squat equipment leaning against the wall: Two pillows Target efficacy area: Quadriceps body leaning in, feet separated with shoulder width, a big step away from the wall.

Hold a pillow in both hands and place the other pillow on the floor underneath.

The upper body extends up the wall until your bend is bent at 90 degrees, perpendicular to the foot offset.

Then put the pillow in your hand behind your shoulders, lower your back against the wall and your heels pressed against the ground.

The adjustment of the control time is longer.

When you feel that your back may not be able to stick to the wall, slowly walk up and down the wall and sit on the pillow underneath.

To improve performance, you can increase the control time or hold heavy objects in your hand.


Pressing the shoulder equipment: chair, dumbbell (water bottle), pillow Target function area: armchair and integrated triceps A: Sitting on the chair, placing the pillow behind the shoulder.

The lower back is close to the chair, the elbows are bent, the dumbbells are raised to the shoulders, and the palms are opposite.

  B: Quickly and slowly push the arm forward and upward.

Slowly retract your arm to the starting position.

Once you can push it 8 times, you should increase the weight of the dumbbell or extend the time.


Slow rowing equipment: will or coffee table, pillow target effect area: tail A: put the upper leg on the pillow above.

Stand with your left leg straight and your hips tilted back. Place your right hand on the bench and hold the dumbbell in your left hand.

Keep the back and side parallel to the floor.

Look down.

  B: Slowly bend your left arm and lift the dumbbell under your armpit.

Slowly lower the dumbbell, do it as often as possible, and then change sides.
Once you can do it 8 times on each side, you should increase the weight or extend the time.

Lie on your back and bend your hips and hips Equipment: Pillows, cushions Target efficacy area: Abdominal muscles A: Lie on your back with your legs bent, feet flat on the ground, arms straight up, your palms facing down, your head restingOn the pillow.
The lower back is close to the ground.

  B: Quickly and slowly lead your knees to the top and lift the front off the ground.

Then slowly return to the starting position.

Do as many repetitions as you can while keeping your back close to the ground.


Step lifting equipment: Steps, dumbbells Target efficacy area: Calf A: The forefoot of both feet stands on the first step, and the heel is suspended outside the step.

Grasp the railing with one hand and the dumbbell with the other. To warm up, toe upside down at an even speed.

Then adjust slowly to lift your body, pressing your whole body weight on your toes.

  B: Lower the heel at a super slow speed until at least the next step.

Lift the body again, and then press the center of gravity on the forefoot again.


Arm curling equipment: chair, pillow, dumbbells Target efficacy area: Arm sitting A: Sitting on the chair, leaning your shoulders forward, and placing a pillow behind your shoulder

Hold dumbbells in both hands, bend and lift them to your shoulders.

  B: Slowly open both elbows slowly and vertically, keeping both hands and elbows close to the sides of the body.

Repeat as many times as you want.

Once you can do it 8 times, you should increase the weight or extend the time.