Life Use of Yoga Awareness

There are always moments of emotional restraint and powerlessness in life, and many people may have suffered from all kinds of emotional damage.

I specifically refer to those thoughts that I really want to restrain, knowing that the consequences are serious but can’t be controlled, and I am not always restraining myself in a certain state.

This kind of turbulent chaos, especially for patients, is especially harmful for the weak, and now I am talking about a relatively simple and practical method of self-control of yoga anytime, anywhere.

  The method is very simple. Whenever you want to be calm and calm, just listen to yourself.

For example, when you talk to yourself silently, you say in silence that I realize that I want to be quiet for a while, or something that you are thinking, and you silently say what you were thinking, or chaotic, happy, sad, And so on, go on to speak silently, and use this method to be aware.

In fact, you go to see yourself and see some of your thoughts, just like you are thinking about something, you know that you are thinking about it, but you ca n’t help it. You can just talk to yourself silently, noStop silently to realize that you are thinking wildly, and then to realize in detail what you are thinking wildly. These chaotic thoughts that hurt us are like mice. We see that when we catch it, it will not hurt us.

We are aware of it and tell ourselves, then its intensity will fade, and we don’t want to be tired of the kind of big ups and downs and can be avoided.

So, as long as you feel tired and feel infused, try it and stick to it.

  I realize that I am sad again, I realize that sadness is because of being hurt, I realize that being hurt is because of being lost . I often push a lot of such thoughts in this way, of course, that kind of moment is how I feelTired, or a decision under this kind of thinking will hurt me and more people, I will calm myself or sober in this way.

Naturally, there are times when I want to restrain but I can’t restrain it.

  As soon as I feel tired by some distractions, I will immediately use the silent language to analogize these thought awareness methods, whether in the car or lying down, no matter what I do, I will immediatelyBe aware of the things that will consume me and hurt me.

This method is also suitable for sitting silently without controlling, like an onlooker looking down at his thoughts, such as watching some movies and looking at his thoughts. If he can not be led away by it, alsoThere is no need to be a slave to thought.

You do n’t need to wipe out the generation of your own thoughts, just like spring water, but it can keep clear because of the flow, and this is also not possible for living life, but you can find a method similar to awareness to go beyond and get partControl, can be awake at more moments, and consume waste on things that he considers beneficial, rather than dying out of life for some thoughts.