Hyaluronic acid skin secret weapon

I believe that few people have not heard of the name of hyaluronic acid as the most effective moisturizing ingredient.

It is often called “the key to the fountain of youth” abroad-to become the key to the fountain of youth.

This moisturizing ingredient has swept the world, making many people nostalgic.

  Hyaluronic acid itself is abundantly present in the connective tissue of the human body and the reticular tissue of the skin’s dermis. It is the main component of the skin matrix and can absorb more than 500 times more water than itself.

It can lubricate the joint tissues of the human body, allowing skin cells and other tissues to operate in a good environment full of water.

In infancy, skin has the highest levels of hyaluronic acid, so the skin looks very hydrated.

However, as you grow older, the content of hyaluronic acid will decrease. By the age of 30, only about 50-60% of the original is left, and by the age of 50, it will be reduced to 30-40%.

Therefore, local skin loses hydration and luster, is not full and has wrinkles.

  Therefore, more and more skin care products begin to contain hyaluronic acid.

The absorption of hyaluronic acid on the skin surface can achieve the following effects:-It can form a water molecule film on the skin surface, effectively moisturize the skin, mild and non-irritating, and will not cause sensitivity like alcohol moisturizers.

  -Has anti-inflammatory, inhibits the production of germs, and maintains skin smoothness.

  -Retains moisture for a long time, so that the moisture is continuously supplied to the epidermis, which expands the skin and softens the stratum corneum.

  Recommended skin rejuvenation products containing hyaluronic acid: The effective combination of hyaluronic acid, pore fine tender milk, hyaluronic acid, boson, active smoothing factor, and active zinc from Paris L’Oreal Genesis, will restore skin to fullness, and help skinThe epidermis maintains the frequency of renewal, so that the cells on the surface of the skin are tightly arranged, the pores are reduced, and the skin is smoothed.

  FREEDAY SKIN’s first 24-hour hydrating essence is the first magnetic preservation technology, which guarantees the activity of the active ingredient hyaluronic acid, which can form an effective protective film on the skin surface. It is moisturizing and non-greasy for 24 hours.The dark yellow and rough state of the water will restore the skin to a hydrated and full luster, maintain the skin’s water and oil balance, and make the skin long-term care.

  Yiquan Firming and Brightening Essence Cream has a synergistic effect of hyaluronic acid, both inside and outside, to keep the skin moisturized.

Pure Vitamin A promotes the synthesis of elastin and collagen in the dermis, thereby increasing the thickness of the dermis and making the skin plump and elastic.

Various ingredients cooperate with each other to comprehensively improve various skin problems caused by skin aging.

  Mei Yin Duo Xiang contains a deep nourishing essence and a powerful moisturizing formula. It uses the skin’s supplemental moisturizing factors to significantly improve the skin’s quality, slow down the skin’s dryness, roughness, dullness, and dullness. It can resist the factors that cause skin aging.The soft moisturizing effect makes the skin more hydrated, smooth, and delicate, exuding a beautiful luster from the inside out.