Flower tea, body air conditioning

The ever-changing chrysanthemum, honeysuckle tea, as the name suggests, is made from five kinds of flowers with certain therapeutic effects.

  Chaimi oil-and-salt sauce vinegar can tune out the full-fledged full-fledged Chinese dinner; improper cooking can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

Wuhua tea is also the same. There is no fixed combination. It needs to be based on the theory of three factors of traditional Chinese medicine to replace compatibility with people and places. Symptoms are all very happy.

  The world’s cations are inseparable from rice oil. Wuhua tea also has two basic flowers: chrysanthemum and honeysuckle.

Rice is divided into large and small rice, but chrysanthemum is divided into white chrysanthemum and yellow chrysanthemum.

White chrysanthemum has good effect on clearing the liver and eyesight. It can be used when the eyes are dry and the mouth is dry and bitter; yellow chrysanthemum can be used for clearing heat and detoxifying. It can be used when getting angry, mouth ulcers, and swollen gums.

  Wuhua tea is different from the north and the south. There are eight imitations in China.

First of all, it is divided into regions. Wuhua tea is divided into north and south.

  The southern cuisine is headed by Cantonese cuisine, and the southern five-flower tea is represented by the compatibility of honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, locust flower, kapok and plumeria. They are used to clear heat and detoxify, clear the liver and eyesight, clear heat and cool blood, clear heat and dampness and relieve heat.It is mainly used to prevent summer fever and colds and influenza. It has a certain effect on people with symptoms such as dizziness, headache, yellow nose, red face, red ears, and loss of appetite. It is suitable for those who have a hot and humid constitution in the south.

  Northern cuisine is represented by Lu cuisine, while northern Wuhua tea is based on Luo Han Guo Wu Hua Tea: Luo Han Guo plus honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, locust flower, kudzu flower, kapok and other flowers. It has clearing heat and detoxifying, refreshing and quenching thirst, relieving alcohol and dampness., Stomach stagnation and other effects, more suitable for colds and prone to dry skin, dry nose and itching and other symptoms of North Yang Sheng constitution replacement.

  Yixia is not suitable for autumn, summer, watermelon, winter radish, diet has a taboo of reorganization; in Wuhua tea, this means that special performance is not suitable for autumn in Yixia.

  In summer, the south is hot and humid, and if you accidentally get dizzy, headache, runny nose, dumb sore throat, and loss of appetite, this is due to the evil of hot and humid invading the human body.

Wuhua Tea, which is known for its heat-clearing and damp-wetness, has reached the point of using martial arts. It not only clears away heat and detoxifies, but also urinates, so that the evils of dampness and heat are discharged from the body.

  The first feeling of autumn is dryness.

Dryness is the easiest way to hurt the lungs and make people feel dull and dry. This is exactly how the autumn tigers dry the lungs and qi fluid.

  Traditional Chinese medicine often says: Yang Yang in spring and summer, Yin in autumn.

The key to preventing dryness is to nourish the yin. Therefore, drink plenty of water and eat some moisturizing things, just like honey.

The dry autumn is like this year’s arid region of southwest and southwest China. The thirsty earth longs for heaven to fall, not a dry cold air.

  Kapok in five flowers has the effect of clearing heat and dampness, which is good for urination. Drinking this tea can easily cause the loss of human body water.

Moreover, Wuhuacha has a bitter cold taste, which is easy to dry and wet, which will hurt human body fluids, just like the dry cold air in autumn will cause dryness and dryness, and hurt human lung gas.

Therefore, Wuhuacha is not suitable for autumn.


Roses are more suitable for women’s radishes and greens, and each has their own love.

If Wuhua Tea is a turnip and green vegetable, its physique is the right choice.

  Wuhua tea is a kind of cold tea. If you drink too much, it is easy to get sick, especially those who like to drink hot water to avoid cold food.

  Female friends are worried about this, drink it, it is uncomfortable during the special period; if you do n’t drink it, you may feel like you will swallow yourself.

At this time, you can try to change one or two flavors to rose flowers, roses and other warm flowers, just like boiling water in a glass of ice water.

According to your own constitution, you can get healthier with the correct scented tea.