Carefully selected gym

Every day in the major media, you can see many advertisements made by fitness centers. Every sentence is amazing, but which one is right for you?

  Huihui and Wenwen are my friends. The former has just given birth to a child for six months, and the rest is a “major” who has a superior life. Although their living spaces are different, they have recently encountered the same problem and hope to findA gym for you.

The purpose of Huihui Fitness is simple. She wants to recover her fat body as soon as possible. She also hopes that the gym can be closer to home and that the price is cheaper. Wenwen’s requirements for the fitness club are first-rate and best.It is the most up-to-date fitness club in the city, and she won’t care too much about the price, because she hopes that in addition to fitness, she can also make friends and enjoy caring services.

  In fact, the problems encountered by the two individuals are not new. During the interview, the reporter found that whether you are an avid fitness enthusiast or a newcomer who has just come into contact with the concept of fitness, you will encounter this problem, that is, facing endless fitness.How should clubs choose the right gym for them?

Make this expensive gym worth the money?

  News reporters visited too many fitness clubs and heard the opinions of too many experts. They summarized the following tips to make it easier for you to choose the gym that suits you.

  The first trick: look at the price This is almost the most people’s concern.

  There are two types of health clubs. The first is a gym inside the hotel. Generally, there are swimming pools, but the area is small, the price is relatively expensive, and the popularity is not enough, mainly for hotel guests.

The other is a membership gym for middle- and upper-income earners. It has advanced equipment, a comprehensive curriculum, and a strong coach team, which is generally popular.

The third is the public fitness club, which has a relatively high level of hardware and software, but is very popular.

  At present, most fitness clubs in Guangzhou are membership systems. The annual membership card price of these large chain clubs is about 4,000 yuan, such as the more famous Limeijian, Zhongtipleli, Dynamic and Static World, Orenburg, etc.Small and relatively simple gyms cost around 2,000 yuan.

  Trick 2: It is better to choose a convenient fitness center than the location. For example, if you choose a gym near your home, you can go home and rest after exercise.

If you choose to be close to the company, you can avoid the traffic jam after work, first go to the gym to work out, and then go home calmly.

If you need frequent tolerances, choose a gym with many branches and use nearby.

  The third trick: check the gyms of different price levels for members, and determine the structure of members here.

It is recommended that you choose a company with a medium or slightly better gym.

In this way, the fitness environment and the people you meet will make you feel satisfied and easy to accept.

Choosing a good gym can not only experience the fun of fitness, but also make many friends and expand your social circle.

  Tip 4: Look at the service. On the basis of the same hardware, what is best for you?

After all, the fitness industry still belongs to a service industry. As a consumer, more people should hope to get the corresponding software services and value enhancement. For example, the high-quality services received by members will make you feel at home.

  Beauty SPA: Attached facilities of the gym can allow you to relax after fitness, and at the same time, as an auxiliary means, you can improve the effect of exercise.

In the SPA, there will be more beauty items targeted at women, which can save you from having to travel around and make a beauty after exercise, and it will be more convenient and practical.

  Massage and physiotherapy: I believe you will understand the effect of massage. Proper exercise combined with professional massage will alleviate your day’s fatigue and sore body.

  Member services: For members’ services after joining the club, except for coaches, this is the department. They can help you solve many problems after joining the club. For example, if you are on a business trip, you can take leave in advance; if you accidentally cut your fingers during sports, you can giveGet some simple treatments.

  Of course, the most reflected service level is that when you walk into the gym, every employee and coach you meet can greet you and smile at you; at the same time, the coach is not impatient and often helps your trainingAnd eating; say goodbye to you when you go, welcome you again, and let you feel a relaxed vitality and leisure pleasure.

  Tip 5: Is it important to choose a coach?

This problem may not have caught the attention of bodybuilders a few years ago, because everyone was still in the situation of practicing their own. At this time, this problem has become a problem that fitness enthusiasts pay great attention to. Many people have told reporters thisSometimes, sometimes a qualified coach will do more with less.

What can a coach do for you?

Get you started.

When you first stand in front of the high and low equipment, or for the first time to prepare for aerobics in a strong rhythm dance, most people will feel at a loss.

In particular, those “big brothers and fat girls” who are relatively bloated in the first place may even have a great sense of fear, which will affect their self-confidence and make their own fitness plans ruined.

At this time, if there is a gentle and patient coach beside you, you can quickly stabilize the mood of the bodybuilder, so that beginners can quickly enter the state. It is not difficult to get started, but a good beginning is half done.So the role of the coach cannot be ignored.


keep improving.

Basically, the training plan needs to be constantly adjusted in order to allow the body to develop better and restart.

However, there are certain factors that you change yourself that you can’t see yourself.

Even internationally renowned fitness and bodybuilders have their own personal trainers, and of course you need them more.

  3.You need a communication platform and constantly absorb new knowledge.

The knowledge of the fitness industry is updated very quickly. Since personal education is at the forefront of the industry, it can tell you these updated things in time to help you recover to achieve your goals.


Help you reach your limits.

Equipment exercises need to reach a certain limit in order to get the effect of your body parts, so the correct assistance of the coach is very necessary.


Training and diet advice.

A plan for your personal training and diet is the key to receiving it.


Body shape correction, body shape adjustment.

Different body shapes require different training instructions.


The coach training system of large clubs is an effective guarantee for you to get safe and advanced fitness.

  Essential qualities of a fitness coach1.


When hiring a personal trainer, check its professional qualifications and certificates.

The important point is the work experience and length of work.



As a personal trainer, you must have a good shape, strong and well-balanced muscles. If you see a coach with a big belly, or a coach with a large but strange proportion, you must say “Oh, I don’t want to practiceInto that.

“So, a good personal trainer will pay attention to regular exercise, keep in good shape, and always give members an example.


Communicate and communicate.

Communication with members is a basic requirement for a personal trainer.



Are you patient?

Most members had almost no knowledge of fitness before entering the gym, so the coach appointed the role of teacher.

  Unqualified coach 1.

Take a call during class.


I did not prepare a complete training plan and records for you, and diet advice.


Chat with others during training.



Also, it is very important to know the fitness classes and venue coaches. Does this club have a wealth of aerobics classes?

Are the field coaches due diligence?

This should be something you can learn when you visit.

  = Tips = ■ If conditions permit, you can choose a couple card, double card or off-peak dispatch card to reduce costs.
It is generally much cheaper to run a two-person card than a personal card, instead of a peak-issue card that cannot be used on weekends or evenings, which is suitable for those freelancers or SOHOs.
  ■ You can ask for a trial before joining the club.

At present, some clubs can arrange trials, but reservations are usually made in advance.

If the club does not provide trial opportunities, it is recommended that you purchase a card once and make a decision after the trial.

  ■ Generally, physical examinations are arranged after joining the conference, including cardiopulmonary function, flexibility, etc., and the brakes will be used to make training plans accordingly.

But in some clubs, you can arrange a physical examination before joining the club, so that you can have a comprehensive understanding of your body, and then decide whether to join the club.

  ■ Air quality is important.

During fitness, air quality is very important. Therefore, a large number of large clubs build fitness centers in sunny places, and indoors are equipped with air purifiers and many green plants to help absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

Such a fitness club is a good choice.

  = Minor Misunderstanding = 1.

Blindly obeying friends ‘recommendations Many bodybuilders have stated that they chose this gym because of friends’ recommendations.

This is a good way, but do n’t be too superstitious about recommendations like this, because everyone ‘s preferences are different, the places that friends like may not be suitable for you, and what you like is the most important.


Location is not important Location is of course important. The closer you are to your home, the better. However, when choosing a fitness venue, you need to consider comprehensive factors and choose a fitness venue that you avoid.


The more expensive the fitness venue, the better. You should choose the fitness venue that suits you best.

If you like swimming, you can choose a fitness club with a heated swimming pool. If you have a low income and want professional fitness, you can choose those mid-range clubs that are not necessarily the highest-end equipment, but have complete facilities and services.