Look at these health care tips

In fact, there are many simple tips for health and treatment, and we have sorted out some of them according to Qu Limin’s lecture. You may wish to take a look.

  The cold caused by the cold recipe: use fresh ginger five or six tablets plus three segments of scallion, you can also add a few jujube, boil water together, and then heat the blisters.

  Cold and fever caused by spleen and stomach discomfort: 10 to 20 grams of dried ginger (dried ginger purchased from pharmacies, also called ginger) plus three segments of scallion, can also add several jujube, boil water together, then heat the blisters.
  What about allergic rhinitis?

  This possibility is not very good, and some of the drugs used are difficult to buy.

However, it can be adjusted from everyday life.

The first is to quit fear.

Second, don’t eat cold drinks, drink less air conditioners.

The third is good to eat staple food, keep running every night, you can re-adjust.

  Cervical spondylosis, low back pain?

  In fact, this situation has a lot to do with the pressure of life and work.

Here to teach you to do a exercise, first of all, get up first, feet and shoulder width, raise your arms, lift your wrists up, and push the roots out.

Lock the yang, open the yin (the territory of the person, there are three menstruation, there are three yin.)

  After the hand is lifted up the head, force the fist down, open the yang, lock the yin, and lift the heel.

Then repeat the above actions.

  How do you exercise regularly?

  Don’t hide in the house all day, go out and walk in the sun.

However, it is not necessarily necessary to basking in the sun. It is not bad to take a walk in the shade.

At least half an hour of walking or jogging is guaranteed every day.

It is best for men to load when running, and skipping is good for women and can increase bone density.

  Among the internal organs, six are extremely important.

If you want to be in good health, you must exercise six times.

It’s also good for your workouts to get hot and lick your stomach every day.

Just like a noodle.

  Should people with diabetes pay attention?

  Many people with diabetes are caused by eating too much and too much.

Remember two words “control your mouth and let your legs open.”

Don’t eat anything that is too nutritious, but don’t be hungry.

To exercise more, Jinan is so many mountains, you may wish to climb more and climb the mountain.

  What if the winter is cold and the urine is blocked?

  Boil a large pot of water with some green onions and pour into the tub.

Then people go in and soak, if there is urine, don’t come out and get cold immediately, just solve it in the bathtub.

  What if the child loves to cry?

  ”If you want to be a child, three people and cold,” children should not eat too much and wear too much.

If the child eats too much, hungry for two or two is no problem.

Don’t let your child drink a lot of cold drinks.

The crying of the child is actually a kind of exercise, don’t be overly alarmed.