More mental patients after the holiday

In her early thirties, Liu Ying (pseudonym) was the female owner of a factory in Xiamen. After the financial crisis struck, the effectiveness of the factory has been bad, and her depression has worsened.

Recently, suicidal thoughts appeared in her mind from time to time, worried that she could not control herself, so she had to ask her sister for help.

  It is understood that Liu Ying has been suffering from depression for almost 3 years, and her condition was relatively stable.

But since the financial crisis struck, Liu Ying’s condition has begun to worsen.

“I was always worried that the loan from the factory was not up. I started to cry with my thoughts, and my panic aggravated. Suicidal thoughts came up.” Liu Ying told the doctor that she would now want to get outThe impulse to jump up and down, helplessly, she called her sister for help.

Liu Ying’s sister hurriedly took her sister to Xianyue Hospital for treatment.

  ”After the Spring Festival, patients suddenly became more and more suddenly,” Xia Yuping, a psychiatrist at Xiamen Xianyue Hospital, told reporters that recently, there were more patients with mental illness and mental illness at the hospital than last month. Some of them were like LiuThere are also some first-time patients for old patients like Ying.

Xia Yuping said that recent reports in the media on several occasions about the suicide of certain mental and psychiatric patients are a manifestation of the high incidence of such diseases.

  Dr. Xia reminded the public that, in general, the occurrence of such diseases is stimulated by certain realistic causes. Therefore, when people encounter any discomfort in their work and life, they must decompress in a timely manner and actively face them.”No.”, we must also pay attention to standardized treatment and timely medication to avoid recurrence of the disease.

In addition, citizens with severe mental illness at home and people with mental illness should also pay more attention to accompanying patients and pay more attention to their every move.