Bananas help you get rid of physical illness

Bananas are the fruits of the poor that ordinary people can eat, and among all the fruits, bananas have the most “mysterious” color.

According to legend, the Buddha Shakyamuni gained infinite wisdom just because he ate it. Therefore, the banana was given the reputation of “fruit of wisdom”.

  The Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao’s comprehensive research by nutritionists from various countries has confirmed to the world how bananas are “one treasure” and that they have become the fruit of choice for athletes in various countries, and should be added to the daily diet list.

Its effectiveness can even be described as “one banana a day, disease away from me”.

Fu Jinru, chairman of the Tianjin Nutrition Society, also told reporters that the nutritional value of bananas “cannot be underestimated” can indeed help ease some alternatives.

  High blood pressure and stroke: Bananas contain a large amount of potassium, but the salt content is relatively low, and it has the effect of suppressing vascular tension. It is one of the most ideal foods to lower blood pressure and prevent stroke.

Studies by American scientists have confirmed that eating two bananas a day for a week reduces blood pressure by 10%; research published in the New England Journal of Medicine has also pointed out that if you eat more bananas in normal times, the risk of stroke death will be reduced by 40%.

  Immunity is low: Fu Jinru said that because of its rich vitamins, bananas have a strong antioxidant capacity, which enhances the “banana family” ‘s own immunity, especially during the cold winter, eating bananas every day,Definitely escort your body.

  Constipation: Relieving this unintelligible pain is probably the best-known effect of bananas.

Fu Jinru explained that this is because bananas contain a lot of dietary fiber, which can help stimulate bowel movements, especially for the elderly.

  Psychological diseases such as depression: Bananas have always been called “happy fruits”. Dutch scientists have researched that the fruit that best meets nutritional standards and can add smile to the body is bananas.

It contains pantothenic acid and other ingredients, which are the “happy hormones” of the human body, which can relieve psychological stress, relieve tension, improve concentration, relieve depression, and make people happy.

Also, eating bananas before going to bed has a calming effect.

  Anemia: In response to this common disease of female friends, bananas can also play a role.

Fu Jinru believes that bananas have high iron content and may be carotene, so they can stimulate the production of hemoglobin in the blood and improve the symptoms of anemia.

  Heartburn: Bananas can protect human gastric mucosa and reduce the secretion of gastric acid, so patients with poor stomachs occasionally take one or two roots.

But bananas are cold foods, so avoid excessive amounts.

  Skin diseases: Banana oxide vitamin A can effectively maintain the health of skin and hair, and it is very effective in cracking the skin of the feet, and it can also make the skin smooth and smooth.

In particular, the application of banana peel on the skin can relieve pain and eliminate ulcers.

  ”However, although bananas are good, it’s still too late. Just 1-2 sticks a day is enough.

Especially because bananas are high in sugar and potassium (which are excreted through the renal tubules), those with high blood sugar and those with renal insufficiency must eat less.

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