Baby drinking milk to sleep damages front teeth

Just like adults eat dinner every day, most babies drink milk before going to bed.

However, too comfortable posture and contraction often make them fall asleep drinking milk.

This is not a good habit. Avoid it to prevent bottle caries.

The baby’s deciduous teeth are not as good as permanent teeth and are not so wasteful. If they drink too much milk or eat while sleeping, it will increase the time for food, bacteria and teeth to interact, and after the baby falls asleep, salivaSecretion is reduced, and the tooth surface that is attached by a higher concentration of milk becomes a hotbed for bacterial growth, which easily causes tooth decalcification and is corroded, and baby caries will follow.

Usually, the first tooth that is “invaded” by caries is the incisor, because this part of the tooth initially sprouts, and it is these teeth that are fed first and last for the longest time.

Faced with this situation, newborns and infants can be treated separately.

For newborns, they don’t have to be too harsh. Even if they drink well, they can be satisfied as long as there is a need.

If the baby is asleep after drinking milk, he can wake them up by pulling the earlobe and scratching his feet, so that they can shift awake, swallow, and produce saliva to reduce the effect of the mouth.

Slightly larger, babies with basic daily routines should be able to perform mouthwash work before drinking milk and falling asleep.

For example, if the baby falls asleep at 9pm, they can let them drink milk 40 minutes in advance.

When the baby is awake, parents can use finger-shaped toothbrushes dipped in water to help them clean their gums and teeth.

If your baby falls asleep while drinking milk, you don’t have to wake them up to do the job. Occasionally one day is okay.

Toddlers over 1 year of age can consciously practice rinsing with water after drinking milk. Toddlers over 2 years of age need to practice brushing their teeth with a toddler toothbrush.

Children 1-3 years old can brush once a day.